Doctors and Staff

Doctors at the practice - This photo includes some of our previous partners as well as our current partners.

This photo includes some of our previous partners as well as our current partners.


Dr Catriona MacRae
MBChB DRCOG MRCGP Graduated Aberdeen 1986

Dr James Phillips
MBBS DRCOG MRCGP Graduated Newcastle upon Tyne 1996

Dr Corrine Coles
MBChB, BSc, DRCOG MRCGP DFFP Graduated Glasgow 1999

Dr Melissa Jacobs
MBChB, BMSc, DRCOG, DFFP, MRCGP Graduated Dundee 2001

Dr James Oates
MBChb, MRCOG, DCH, Graduated Glasgow 2006

Dr Stewart King 
Bsci(hons), MBChB, MRCGP, Graduated Glasgow 2010 

Salaried GP

Dr Kirsty Toms

MBChB MRCGP DRCOG, Graduated Glasgow 2015

GP Registrars

The GP Registrars attached to the practice this year are

Dr Alistair Doak

Dr Andrew Wilkinson

A GP Registrar is a fully qualified doctor, typically with several years hospital experience, who is preparing to enter general practice by working in a practice for one year before moving on to a permanent post.

A Registrar attached to the practice operates as one of the GPs, but under the supervision and guidance of one of the partners in the practice. You may be offered an appointment with, or a home visit from, the GP Registrar.

As part of the training process, consultations with a GP Registrar may be video recorded. This will only be done with your prior consent and you have the right to decline.

Congratulations to Dr Kirsty Toms and Dr Chin Lee who have now completed their GP training with our practice.  We are sad to see Dr Lee go. Dr Toms is joining the Practice as a salaried GP. 


There are no medical students assigned to work alongside our doctors at the present time.

You will always be advised by the doctor if a student is present and are free to ask to see the doctor without the student present.

If you have no objection the doctor may invite the student to conduct all or part of the consultation but the doctor will always remain present and the final diagnosis and any treatment will be the doctors.

Your cooperation in helping these students gain practical experience is appreciated by them and by the practice.

Practice Nurses

Joy MacPhee RGN

Lesley Szczbiot RGN

Our Practice Nurses are highly qualified and experienced members of the Practice team. They are involved in screening and chronic disease management and can offer advice on numerous health topics.

Treatment Room Nurses and Health Care Assistants 

Tracy Fraser HCA

Gillian Buchanan HCA

The Treatment Room Nurse and health care assistants are  involved in blood samples, ear syringing, routine blood pressure checks , wound dressings, injections and suture removal.

Admin Staff

Practice Manager

Michelle Fitzpatrick  MCMI

Michelle is responsible for general organisation and the day to day running of the practice.

Assistant Practice Manager

Nicola Coyne

Who aids Michelle in the running of the practice and managing our clerical staff


The Receptionists will normally be your main point of contact with the surgery either on the phone or at the Reception desk. You will find they are all friendly, polite and approachable, and are there to assist you in any way they can.

Life can get hectic on the Reception Desk at times and emergencies only ever happen when there is a queue at the desk and every phone is ringing! We do appreciate your patience if circumstances cause a delay in dealing with you.

Eaglesham and Eastwood Health and Care Centre Teams 

All our staff rotate within our  Eaglesham surgery and Eastwood Health and Care Centre.

They are:

Fiona Thomson, Hazel Dunnachie and Lisa Thomson

Gillian Strang and Anne Currie

Both teams are assisted by Chloe Stewart and Cheryl Gallacher

All administration staff are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as the doctors and nursing staff.

District Nurses

Contact on 0141 451 0812

Nursing Care Assistant

Diane Hughes

The District Nurses  provide a range of nursing services to our housebound patients. This can be arranged by contacting our reception staff or contacting the team directly on:

0141 451 0812

Health Visitor Team

Our senior health visitor is a fully trained nurse who can give general advice on health care. She, and her team, are involved with child health, child development, ante-natal care and care of the elderly.

The Health Visitor team should be contacted directly on

0141 451 0777

There is an answering machine on this line.

Health Visitors work both as part of the Primary Health Care Team where they take part in a number of clinics and as part of a wider team to promote healthy living within the whole community. They are attached to the GP surgery and work alongside practice staff but link with many other services and groups in the area. If they are unable to help you themselves, they can usually direct you to an agency that can.

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