Teaching & Research

Maclean Medical Practice is an approved training practice and also plays an active part in medical research projects. No patient is obliged to take part in any of these activities and your permission will always be sought in advance of your involvement. The practice is grateful for patients help and cooperation in these areas.

Our involvement in training is at two levels.

First, medical students at University may be attached to the practice for limited periods to work alongside our own doctors to gain experience. The doctor will inform you if a student is present and confirm that you are agreeable to them staying during the consultation or home visit. You have the right to say no. The students are the doctors and nurses of the future and practical experience is invaluable to them. Please help and encourage them as much as possible.

Second, fully qualified doctors, typically with several years hospital experience, who are preparing to enter general practice have to work in a practice for one year as a Registrar before moving on to a permanent post. Registrars attached to the practice operate as one of the GPs, but under the supervision and guidance of one of the partners in the practice. You may be offered an appointment with, or a home visit from, the Registrar.

As part of the training process, consultations with a trainee or Registrar may be video recorded. This will only be done with your prior consent and you have the right to decline.

Our involvement in research is also at two levels.

First, practices are often requested to supply information from medical records for research projects that does not disclose any personal details or confidential information on individual patients. For example, how many patients on a particular drug have suffered a particular side effect and at what age. We can supply that information without identifying or disclosing any personal information on any patient.

Second, is research that requires the active involvement of patients. An example might be the regular monitoring of chloresterol levels in male smokers over 45. Your permission to include you in any such study will always be sought in advance. In virtually all such studies your identity will not be attached to your data.

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